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Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II Movie Prop Theater Replica

This Audrey was fabricated March 2016. The jaws open and close and the head lifts up and down. Very sturdy. Vines and leave posable. Approximate height 18" and a 26" leaf span. Terra Cotta pot 6.5". You can view the matching youtube video at : Video

Theater Prop Puppet - Replica , Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II

One of the most elaborate hand puppets to date custom completed for a patron April 2016. The puppet measured 30 " long from the tip of the mouth to the end of the puppet neck. 8" wide across the top of the head from side to side. Soft texture tongue. The video demo is available at : Video

Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II Plantlet Replica

At the time of this website update this is #1 of 2 plantlets fabricated Oct 2014. Video view at : Video

Mini 8.5 " Little Shop of Horrors Audrey 2 II Movie Prop Replica

Mini 8.5" tall, unfolded back leaf length . Leaf side span unfolded 12 ". Bendable vines 7 " The measurement across the top of the pot 2.5 ". The mini's began April 2015. There were many of these created to date. Video demo available at : Video

Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II Flower Shop Stage 4 Replica

The largest final stage Audrey fabricated Oct 2014. To date this is one of a kind. Just like the other large plants created the head lifted up and down. The jaws opened and closed. Measuring 2'10 with a leaf span across of 31". The pot measured 9 " across the top, 4 - 23" vines and 2 - 34" grabbing vines that could hold objects. The inner mouth featured membranes as well as a flexable tongue Video available : Video A 5'3 assistant demonstrates in the video.

Mini Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II Replica Puppet

Mini 5" tall from top of leaf or head to plant bottom. Trigger staff roughly 13". 6" Wide leaf span leaves laid out from side to side. Simple mechanism that operates the mouth opening and closing , lifts up and down and shakes from side to side. Only a few exist to date created around May 2015. Video available at : Video

Mini Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II Stage 2 - Radio Station

One of two Radio Station replicas fabricated in 2014. Currently we have a more elaborate design for this stage.

This version Video available at : Video

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