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Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II Prop Replica

Own Your Own Pixels & Plaster Workshop Audrey - Faqs

We're using the Audrey example to the left for the purpose of these faqs. All our items are prop maker signed. If you decided this is the style , color and size Audrey you want we would replicate this Audrey for you. With that said on to the questions and answers. We'll add as we go along if something new is asked.

Question : How can I get one ?

Answer : Thats simple. Advance payment and two weeks allowance for fabrication. Contact us at pixelsplaster@gmail and we'll invoice you. Make sure to read the rest of the faqs so you know what you're looking for and price.

Question : Do you make other stages of Audrey ?

Answer : Yes ! You can view other styles we've designed and fabricated through our Youtube channel EnglishIvy2012

Question : How do you determine pricing ?

Answer : We have a basic design for all our Audrey's. The more detailed or specific the purchaser desires determines the additional costs. If there is a item in particular you're interested in let us know. We'll provide you with the base price and customize it according to your specifications.

Question : Do you have any premade Audreys ?

Answer : Yes ! Sometimes we post premade items to our shared Ebay Account EnglishIvy2012 You also may find our items posted through our Twitter Account EnglishIvy2012

Question : Do you sell any of your Audreys in your online store ?

Answer : Sometimes. They are individually handcrafted limited and not mass made but occasionlly we may post one in our store. Although you can find some other great items in our Pixels & Plaster Workshop Store Check it out ! We have some great original Audrey T-Shirts.

Question :What are they made of ?

Answer : polyurethane ,eva, silicone, paint, real moss, terra cotta pots for the ones that have pots. Various other smalls such as stainless steel wire , sealant etc.

Question : Do you actually have a price list ?

Answer : In general. Base price for the final stage 2 ' 10 plant $600.00. The third stage 18" $400.00. Second Stage 16" $200 - $300 and the mini's range from $50-$70. The reason we don't commit to any set price is because its no price is set in stone. Mostly we're sharing this art for fun and the financial part of it just makes it possible for us to buy more materials and pursue various fabrications.

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