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Illustrations - Faqs

All the illustrations on our website are examples of the wonderful work done by our illustration artist. Currently she is offering commission work and has assembled the following Terms of Service for anyone interesting in hiring her for their work. Following please read about her requirements.

Commission Terms of Service Before you consider commissioning me, please read all info in this TOS.

How will I pay you?

I take payment up front over Paypal, invoice sent by me, USD. I take payment first and foremost to solidify our agreement as artist and commissioner. If for whatever reason I cannot start/complete your commission, I will either discuss some compromise or refund you properly over Paypal.

I've messaged you about a commission I want to get but have not seen a response. Did you not like my idea?

Keep in mind that I am one person, and that if I have not immediately responded at least ONCE, that I have read over your message. It is understandable to send another message just in case emails/PMs got eaten for whatever ungodly reason, but rest assured I will get back to you as soon as I am able! (I would also appreciate not getting spammed….it makes things more cluttered on my end to keep track of. Let's try to be orderly!)

What are you willing to draw?

Humans, animals, furries, aliens, some robots (depending on complexity), monsters, some gore. If you're still unsure, ask me!

What are you not willing to draw?

Big scenery/largely painted images unless you are willing to pay me for the time and effort, anything of personal interest to you that may make me uncomfortable (certain kinks/fetishes), overly complicated characters (bajillion wings and arms, unless within reason). Again, if you're unsure and want to cover all bases, ask me!

What is your policy on getting edits on a piece I bought?

If by some chance I missed a few details on a character (markings, accessories, etc) I do not mind doing a quick edit. Change in poses is an intermediate change I don't mind doing either. As far as more than one change on a larger scale (such as group changes, background/setting changes) I will request an estimated fee to make such changes. Fee amounts vary between pieces.

How many pieces of art can I get from you at a time?

I've found that as determined as I can be in doing art commission bundles, I want to limit myself as to not OVERLOAD myself. You can commission a maximum of three images at a time from me.

What is your policy on reposting?

I do not mind anyone reposting work I did for them as long as proper credits are made. Linking back is a plus as well! I will also mention I'm totally cool with you printing out the piece for personal use. Do not redistribute the work for selling purposes. tions.

When will I see my commission(s)?

Estimated time is anywhere from a couple days to AT LEAST two weeks, provided my commission queue is not super full. Provided life does not take up my time as well. I ask that you are patient in waiting and I will do my best to update you about the progress, or if anything should come up to delay said progress. Please be patient with me and do not be disrespectful. I, the artist have every right to deny a commission I feel I cannot take, or if you conduct yourself an unprofessional manner. Thank you!

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