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Adobe's Overwatch Multi-Media Progression Artwork

What a great opportunity to provide Pixels
and Plaster's website viewers an illustration in progress
by one of our own artists.

Artists notes:
"Adobe gave a great opportunity for artists to expand our skills and share our love for Blizzard's game Overwatch. Being a big fan of the game myself when it came out, I illustrated this large, highly detailed piece. It was a weeks worth of work that brought many challenges for me - it tested my determination from start to finish, following each character down to their finite details, but also to keep it light hearted and fun. I learned alot from this piece and may challenge myself to do more similarly in the future."
Want to see me work on this? Check out the archived progress videos posted on my Youtube account! - Riley
Tower of Overwatch

Progress shots from start to finished product of fanwork for the newest Blizzard installment, Overwatch.

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